Repair Plans

To better serve our customers, Piedmont Natural Gas recommends HomeServe to those interested in purchasing a repair plan for their home. Repair plans can help manage the cost and inconvenience of home system repairs.

Piedmont Natural Gas partners with HomeServe USA to offer coverage plans to our customers. HomeServe is an independent company that partners with utilities across the United States to protect thousands of households from high repair costs due to home emergencies.

Repair plan services offered by Piedmont Natural Gas are non-regulated services provided through the Company’s “Service Plus” program. These services are not part of Piedmont’s regulated service offerings, nor in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, South Carolina Public Service Commission, or Tennessee Regulatory Authority. There is no advantage to customers if they buy products or services through Piedmont’s Service Plus program, nor do customers have to buy these products in order to continue receiving the same reliable regulated natural gas service from Piedmont Natural Gas.

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