Eligibility Requirements

North Carolina Eligibility Requirements (Residential)

Proof of installation (a copy of the receipt, invoice, or contract) and/or proof of purchase must be included with the rebate application.

Please allow up to six weeks for rebate processing from the time the rebate form is received in the mail by Piedmont Natural Gas.

Rebate funds are limited and will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are depleted or the program is withdrawn or terminated. Piedmont Natural Gas reserves the right to modify, withdraw or terminate this program at any time upon reasonable notice as posted on our website.

Rebates are only available for qualifying natural gas equipment that is installed to replace existing natural gas-fired equipment.

This offer is not available for the new construction market of homes, condominiums, apartments, or townhomes. This rebate is also not available for the replacement of equipment served by an alternate fuel source such as electricity or propane

Equipment must be installed by an HVAC or plumbing contractor licensed in North Carolina

Maximum number of rebates per residential service address is two (2) rebates in a 12-month period for water heating and two (2) rebates in a 12-month period for space heating; each applicant is limited to receiving no more than a total of 150 rebates in a 12-month period

Rebate applications must include the HVAC or plumber information and all applicable equipment information as shown on the rebate form. Equipment must be installed in the residence corresponding to the submitted Piedmont Natural Gas service account number

Rebates apply only to equipment purchased and installed after March 23, 2009, when the Commission approved the program and all applications must be postmarked within 90 days after the equipment installation

Commercial customers: maximum number of rebates per commercial service address is 10 rebates in a 12-mohtn period. Each applicant is limited to receiving no more than a total of 225 rebates in a 10-month period.

Piedmont Natural Gas Rebate Program
Effective 5/20/2010